Posted on: December 28, 2009 11:02 pm

New Orleans Saints- Rough patch or not?

After two tough home losses to Dallas and Tampa, it's tough to say whether the Saints are going through a rough patch that can be fixed up come play-offs, or if there's something else going on. We seem to have all the winning pieces on offense: a superstar quarterback, stellar wide recievers and lots of them, stunning young running backs, a terrific tight end, and for the most part, an offensive line that can take the wear. However, the defense is shaky. The way I see it, the defense needs to step up and make the plays we need them to make. In addition, at the beginning of the year, I was thinking, hey, these special teams aren't too bad. What now? In the Tampa game, a punt return for a TD? No. Way. A missed field goal that should have been an easy kick? No. Way. This just isn't us. Maybe everyone is tired. It's been a rough and tough season that's taken it's toll on the players. Let's face it, they aren't used to winning this much in a single season. They're not used to being the team to beat. They're used to being the outsider looking in. Now, they've got home-field advantage on the line with one game left. All I can say is, geaux Saints, black and gold superbowl all the way.

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